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K-1 Fiance Visa case handled by The Woodlands Immigration Lawyer

Fiance Visa or K-1 Visa

Fiancé Visa or K-1 Visa for fiancé of U.S. Citizen who lives abroad

The Woodlands immigration lawyer routinely assists U.S. Citizens to petition for a fiancé who lives abroad to enter United States with a K-1 fiancé visa.  The first step is for the U.S. Citizen to file a fiance petition. The second step is the consular processing for the fiance, and it starts when the petition is approved.  Once the fiance receives her Fiance visa (or K-1 non-immigrant visa), the fiance enters the United States for a period of 90 days during which time the U.S. Citizen and the Fiance should have their marriage ceremony.  During the third step of the process, the immigration attorney helps the married couple file for adjustment of status (see Green Card through Marriage for more information about this step).​

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