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When and how to schedule your consultation with The Woodlands Immigration Lawyer:
  • What is the fee to consult with the Woodlands Immigration Attorney about an immigration case?

    • As of February 24, 2020, The Consultation Fee for all immigration cases is $120.00, except the following cases:

      • The Consultation fee for Naturalization cases, and K-1 Fiancé Visa cases is $200.00.

      • The Consultation fee for Combo Consultation Package for girlfriend or fiancé abroad is $230.00 - Attorney will compare two different options during the same consultation: K-1 Fiancé visa and Spousal Visa. Attorney will cover steps, processing timelines, legal and government fees, pros and cons for each option, so you can make an educated decision which option is better for you and your girlfriend or fiancé.

      • For Marriage Green Card cases where the spouse entered USA without a visa, the consultation fee is $400.00 as these cases will be evaluated for eligibility through Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver or Grandfathering, and the consultation could last 4-5 hours. 

  • What happens if Immigration lawyer and Client signs the Attorney-Client Contract at the end of the Consultation?

    • If by the end of the Consultation, the Attorney-Client Contract for Services (this is usually a 4-5 page document) is signed, and the Legal Case Fee (stated in the Attorney-Client Contract) is paid, the Consultation fee is waived.

  • What happens if Potential Client does not sign the Attorney-Client Contract at the end of the consultation?

    • If potential client does not sign the Attorney-Client Contract (4-5 page document), attorney and client sign only the Consultation Agreement (2-page document) and the Consultation fee is due and should be paid​ before the end of the consultation.

  • How long does a typical consultation for a green card case last? 

    • 50 - 90 minutes.​

  • Does immigration lawyer offer consultations by phone or video conferencing?

    • Yes.

  • Does immigration lawyer offer consultations after business hours, or on weekends?

    • Most consultations are offered during business hours. On certain occasions, consultations may be offered after business hours, or on Saturdays.

  • When does immigration attorney schedule a consultation?

    • Immigration lawyer schedules an initial consultation after potential client has completed and returned the appropriate Immigration Questionnaire to Attorney, and has read the Consultation Agreement.  

  • How do I get the Immigration Questionnaire and the Consultation agreement?

    • Email this office, or complete the Consultation Scheduling Form below, and provide enough facts about your case, and the appropriate Questionnaire and the Consultation Agreement will be emailed to you within 24 business hours.

  • Are there times when immigration lawyer will not hold a consultation?

    • The immigration attorney will not hold a consultation if you plan to handle your immigration case without an attorney. If you have questions, or need to clarify issues you cannot resolve on your own, and have no intent to hire this immigration lawyer to handle your case, do not call, or schedule a consultation with this attorney. If you have questions, or need forms, or want to learn how to handle your case without an attorney, contact USCIS at no cost, or visit the USCIS website. 

    • Schedule a consultation as instructed above, only if you have a new case and you need this attorney's assistance to prepare and file your case.

  • Are there cases that are not handled by this attorney?

    • Attorney does not handle cases when applicant was detained or removed from USA before (or is now in a detention facility).

    • Attorney does not handle cases when the applicant has a criminal record.

    • Attorney does not handle cases on Appeal (cases that were already denied).

    • Attorney does not handle Requests for Evidence or Notice of Intent to Deny.

    • Attorney does not handle pending cases (already filed with USCIS by other attorneys, or filed pro se by the petitioner/applicant without an attorney.

  • When and how can I pay the consultation fee?

    • You can pay the consultation fee after the Attorney has instructed you to do so. Visit the Payment page of this website, and follow the instructions to pay your Consultation fee, or your Legal Case Fee quoted in the Attorney-Client Contract for Services. ​The fees can be paid by cash, electronic check, paper check, or credit card.

  • What is the legal fee to handle a green card case?

    • Legal fees are quoted only during an in-person consultation.

    • Due to the public charge rule which went into effect on February 24, 2020, all adjustment and consular processing cases will need to be evaluated for eligibility based on applicant's self-sufficiency, in addition to all other eligibility or admissibility requirements that were already in place before this date. Applicants will need to submit an additional 30 - 40 documents in each adjustment of status case, just to comply with the public charge rule.

    • For those of you who were referred to this office by family and friends, be advised that the legal fee for all adjustment cases has increased because of the voluminous evidence and additional legal work required to comply with the public charge rule of February 24, 2020.

    • The public charge rule also affects all consular processing cases, but it is not clear what amount of additional evidence will be required by each U.S. Consulates around the world.

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