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When and how to schedule your consultation with The Woodlands Immigration Lawyer:
  • What is the fee to consult with the Woodlands Immigration Attorney about an immigration case?

    • As of January 1, 2023,  the Consultation Fees for all immigration cases are as follows:

    • Virtual (remote/video/phone) consultations: Attorney charges $100.00 for an initial virtual consultations in all cases, except the following cases:

      • The virtual consultation fee for Citizenship through Naturalization cases is $200.00.

      • Virtual consultations can be held via Zoom or phone.

      • The consultation fee should be paid after Immigration Attorney has scheduled the virtual consultation, and at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled consultation time.

      • The consultation fee can be paid by: Zelle, electronic check (e-check), or credit card.

    • In-Person (face-to-face) consultations at the Attorney's office: Attorney charges $200.00 for an in-person consultation in all cases, except the following:

      • Attorney does not offer in-person consultations for citizenship through Naturalization cases.

      • The in-person consultation fee can be paid at the attorney's office during the in-person consultation by: cash, Zelle, paper check, electronic check (e-check), or credit card.

  • When and how can I pay the consultation fee?

    • You can pay the consultation fee after the Attorney has instructed you to do so. If you will be paying by E-Check (electronic check) or Credit Card, go to the Payment page of this website or clik:

    • You can use any electronic device to make your payment, including your phone. Where it asks for reference, type “potential client consultation”. Please enter all information required for your credit card or bank account. Enter your email address so you can receive a copy of the receipt for your records.  If you are able to use a debit card the same way you use a credit card (without entering a pin number), then you can also make your payment by using your debit card. You may use any type of credit card, except for American Express.

    • Please notify the Attorney in advance if you plan to make payment by Zelle, and the Attorney will send you a request for payment.

  • What happens if Immigration lawyer and Client signs the Attorney-Client Contract by the end of the Consultation?

    • If by the end of the Consultation, the Attorney-Client Contract for Services (this is usually a 4-5 page document) is signed, and the Legal Case Fee (quoted in the Attorney-Client Contract) is paid, the Consultation fee is waived (for in-person consultations), or subtracted from the Case Legal fee quoted in the Contract (if the consultation fee was already paid before a virtual consultation was held).

  • What happens if Potential Client does not sign the Attorney-Client Contract by the end of the consultation?

    • If potential client does not sign the Attorney-Client Contract (4-5 page document) by the end of the consultation, no attorney-client relationship will exist between attorney and potential client, therefore, the potential client cannot call/email/contact Attorney with any questions (seeking legal advice) in the future.

  • How long does a typical consultation for a green card case last? 

    • Around 60 minutes.​

  • When does immigration attorney schedule a consultation?

    • Immigration lawyer schedules an initial consultation after potential client has completed and returned the appropriate Immigration Questionnaire to Attorney, and has read the Consultation Agreement.  

  • How do I get the Immigration Questionnaire and the Consultation agreement?

    • Email this office, or complete the Consultation Scheduling Form below, and provide enough facts about your case, and the appropriate Questionnaire and the Consultation Agreement will be emailed to you within 24 business hours.

  • What is covered covered during an initial Consultation?​​

    • During the initial consultation, Attorney will clarify information provided by you in your completed Immigration Questionnaire, obtain additional information necessary to make a complete evaluation of the case, and whether she will represent you (take your case).

    • In addition, Attorney will explain the options, if there is more than one option and recommend the best case to be filed for your fact scenario (considering the shortest time for the completion of the case, and/or the cost efficiency to handle the case).

    • Furthermore, Attorney will discuss whether she will represent you, quote the Legal Case Fee to take your case, explain the legal services to be provided in handling the case, describe the steps involved in the case, provide the timeline for each step of the case, and provide government filing fees and other out-of-pocket costs for each step of the case.

  • What is not covered during the initial Consultation?

    • The immigration attorney will not hold a consultation if you intend to handle your case without an attorney, and you just need this Attorney to clarify issues that you cannot resolve on your own. Attorney holds consultations to determine whether she will take the case, therefore, the following will NOT take place during a consultation:

      • Attorney will not provide guidelines or instructions for a potential client to handle the case on their own.

      • Attorney will not inform the potential client what forms to fill out, or what documents to assemble.

      • Attorney will not review forms completed, or partial work done by the potential client.

      • Attorney will not quote government fees, filing fees, biometric fees related to the case.

    • Schedule a consultation as instructed above, only if you have a new case and you need this attorney's assistance to prepare and file your case.​​

  • What types of immigration cases are not handled by this attorney?

    • Attorney does not handle cases which are not specifically listed in the Home page of this website. So please review the Home page before you complete the Contact Form below.

    • Attorney does not handle cases when applicant is/was detained or removed from USA.

    • Attorney does not handle cases when the applicant has a criminal record.

    • Attorney does not handle cases on Appeal (cases that were already denied).

    • Attorney does not handle Requests for Evidence or Notice of Intent to Deny received by those who are not already existing clients but filed their cases on their own or through other attorneys.

    • Attorney does not handle pending cases (already filed with USCIS by other attorneys, or filed pro se by the petitioner/applicant without an attorney).

  • What is the legal fee to handle a green card case?

    • Legal fees are quoted only during a consultation after the case has been thoroughly evaluated.

    • For those who were referred to this office by family and friends, please be advised that the legal Case Fees for most cases have increased slightly effective January 1, 2023.

  • Does immigration lawyer offer consultations after business hours, or on weekends?

    • In-person consultations are offered only during business hours. Virtual (Zoom or phone) consultations may be offered after business hours, or on Saturdays.


Complete all required fields below and enter sufficient facts about your case and the proper questionnaire will be emailed to you within 24 business hours.

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