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Marriage Green Card case handled by The Woodlands Immigration Attorney

Green Card through Marriage

Applying for Green Card (Permanent Resident status) for spouse (husband or wife) of U.S. Citizen.

Becoming a Permanent Resident or getting a Green Card for husband or wife of American Citizen is the number one case handled by The Woodlands Immigration Attorney. The most common processes of obtaining Green Card through Marriage are adjustment of status and spousal (marriage) visas. 

  • Adjustment of Status - If the husband or wife of U.S. Citizen entered U.S.A lawfully and is currently here, and did not commit any fraud when he/she entered USA, the immigration attorney may assist the married couple with filing for an adjustment of status (even if the spouse's authorized stay or visa has expired).

  • Spousal Visa - If the husband or wife of U.S. Citizen is living abroad, the immigration lawyer assists the U.S. Citizen with filing a marriage petition and once approved, the attorney helps the spouse abroad to obtain an immigrant visa through consular processing.

​The process is different for those who entered United States without a visa. 

  • For the husband or wife of U.S. Citizen who entered United States without proper documentation, and has never left the country since that first unlawful entry (such entry could have happened since he/she was a baby), the Woodlands immigration lawyer handles the following types of cases. Not many people are eligible for these types of filings. Such cases are complicated and require more evidence, therefore, they are more expensive then other cases that result in obtaining green cards.

    • Adjustment of Status through Grandfathering - If spouse of American Citizen had a petition filed for them or their parent before April 30, 2001, he/she might be able to file for an adjustment of status through grandfathering, and stay in the U.S.A during the process. 

    • ​Adjustment of Status (green card) for DACA applicant who is married to a U.S. Citizen and entered U.S.A with Advance Parole while DACA was still valid.​​​​

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